Research Project

A Collective Voice for Home Support Workers and Beneficiary Attendants from Quebec’s Private Sector

Seeking Participants for a Study in the Summer of 2021

Research Subject

The perspective of Home Support Workers and Beneficiary Attendants from Quebec’s private sector, (i.e., not in public institutions) on two questions:

  • What are your working conditions like?
  • What are the best ways for support workers and attendants to make their voices heard collectively in order to improve their situation at work?


Contribute to improving working conditions within targeted sectors.

How to participate and Study conditions

  • You’ll be able to share your point of view in a small focus group (maximum duration of 2 hours) either:
    • Online (via the Zoom platform), or
    • face-to-face, in a community organization’s backyard in various cities in Quebec, whith protective measures against COVID-19 in place (social distancing, chairs disinfected, etc.).
  • Measures will be taken to ensure the highest level of anonymity possible:
    • Nicknames will be used for each participant in the focus group and in any publications using the the research results.
  • Conditions for participation:
    • Participants must have worked for at least six months in the private sector in Quebec.

Financial compensation will be provided for participation in the focus group and for childcare costs, if applicable.

To participate in the study or for more information:

Complete the following form to request additional information or to register for the study (we will call you)


    Contact the lead researcher before mid-August 2021:

    Louise Boivin, Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO)

    This research project has been approved by the UQO Research Ethics Committee. Project number: 2020-769

    Thank you for your interest in this project